Gaming & Gambling

Identify your players and empower your merchants by ensuring a safe experience and protecting your platform from fraudulent users.

Implement an effective onboarding process

In a minute your players/merchants can identify themselves on any device. Artificial intelligence captures the document, reports problems in time, and provides immediate feedback on the identity. In this way the identification process always comes to fruition: players are immediately distinguished between legitimate and illegitimate and the merchants identified to start commercial collaborations.

Support in the most complex cases

In addition to automatic controls, INEO can support you with a back office of specialized anti-fraud operators for complex case management, second-level identity insights and the resolution of any alerts. Save your internal resources on non-core business activities.

Some services that might interest you

Document Capture, Facematching and Liveness to detect deepfake

Automatic checks on the identity and authenticity of people and merchants’ documents

Immediate digital signature SES, AES and QES

Case studies

Game & Gambling
Identify merchants to enable them to use Snai services.
Onboarding and identification web platform with corporate anti-fraud controls (KYB) and AML controls for proper verification.
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